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  We create various events in order to promote companies, products, ideas or simply to serve the purpose of amusement and entertainment. Our biggest strength is our imagination. It allows us to provide our Clients with scenarios tailored to fit their needs and circumstances. Our individual approach to Client's needs and our experience in the field turns our events into unique happenings and thoroughly staged artistic experiences. We run continuous PR activities which help us to prepare each event concerning all promotional and marketing aspects.

  We offer a comprehensive approach to all types of undertakings, from standard events to unconventional activities.

  What we believe to be our advantage is an extensive data bank including attractive and original places for our events, meetings and training sessions all over Poland. We also have our own Artist Booking Agency with a wide selection of performers representing all types of art. We are capable of providing each event with every possible program.

  Since we work on the Polish market for 14 years we can offer a significant experience backgroung backed up by our list of reperences and recommendations from our Clients.

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